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Ivancore SA is a Trading Company based in Lugano, Switzerland.
We are a trading company based in Lugano - Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Hong Kong and in the U.S., trading steel and raw materials for steel production. All the people working in the group have a very long experience in Trading under every aspect: quality, logistic and finance.
The Group takes it roots from the experiences develop through the years in many countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, India, Germany, Spain and so on.
The professionals that are working in the Group have several origins and speak most of the languages needed in the development of the activity, like English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German and Italian and many others.
We are directly present with all our suppliers as well with all our customers.
Our Mission
World is in a continuous need of change, and so we need to be active in order to comply with such a challenging environment. More than this we are open to every market development and new requirement from our customers, as much as we are open to all possible collaboration from new suppliers and agents.
Our Group
We have operative offices in many countries:Switzerland, Spain and Italy.

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