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Iron ore

Iron ore is the basic product for Steel Production. We are involved in trading Iron Ore from Africa and India to China on a regular basis. We have established continuous sources and consistent quality.


We source Bauxite in West Africa and sell mainly to China, where our staff develops and supervise the cooperation with our customers, and where our collaborators can give production support to our customer in order to maximize the output of Alumina from the raw material provided by us.


We source Manganese in South America and Africa. We have different qualities depending on the customer need: From 33% to 35%, 37%, 42% and 44% Manganese. We can ship containers as well as we can ship break bulks.

Pig Iron

We deal in basic pig iron for steel production, as well as foundry and ductile pig iron for the castings industry.

Iron Ore Pellets

Pellets are used for steel production. Compared to Iron Ore, Pellets have higher Fe content. Higher Fe content is needed for more efficient steel production.

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